Interview on Politics and Truth

The journal diskurs just published an interview with me by Clelia Minnetian and Janosik Herder. It is mostly about the relationship between politics and truth and what that means for post-structuralist social sciences.

New Article »The Problem of Post-Truth« in Behemoth

My essay »The Problem of Post-Truth« has just been published in Behemoth. A Journal on Civilisation. I argue that the diagnosis of a »post-truth era« is wrong and dangerous. Yet its popularity attests to the fact, that the diagnosis strikes a nerve. So what is that problem that gives rise to the wrong diagnosis of a »post-truth era« yet is not correctly understood by the diagnosis?

Video of my talk »Fighting with Untruth. The Actuality of a Critique of Reason« [in German]

A Common Stature of Critique? On Foucault, Horkheimer and Adorno

The SAGE Handbook of Frankfurt School Critical Theory, a monumental three-volume set edited by Beverley Best, Werner Bonefeld and Chris O’Kane, has just appeared – containing my chapter on common features of the ‘stature’ of Foucault’s, Adorno’s and Horkheimer’s model of critique.

CfP: Democracy and Truth

Martin Nonhoff and I are organising the spring conferecne of the DVPW-Section Political Theory and History of Ideas in March 2019. The conference topic (and title) is »Democracy and Truth«. You can find the call for papers by clicking on »Read more« or download it as a PDF. Both are in German, though, as this will be the conference language.

Food for Thought in Journal für politische Bildung

The Journal für politische Bildung issue 4/2017 is out. It focuses on propaganda, disinformation and conspiracies with articles by Juliane Wetzel, Johannes Baldauf and Jan Rathje, Manfred Pappenberger, Claus Leggewie - and myself.

The Politics of Truth and Practices of Critique

This workshop (in German) will take place on 31 January 2018 at the university of Erfurt. Katharina Hoppe will give a talk on »Wahrsprechen und Bezeugen: Politik der Wahrheit nach Michel Foucault und Donna Haraway«; my own presentation is entitled »Auf Kritik reflektieren. Zur Praxis kritischer Theorien«.

New Article in Distinktion

Distinktion: Journal of Social Theory just published my article on Foucault’s critique.

Post-Truth: The Authoritarian Temptation