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Podcasting Populism [in German]

Students from my seminar Populism as a Social Phenomenon have created a podcast. In six episodes, they discuss different aspects of the concept and the phenomenon called “populism.” The six episodes will be published weekly on Wednesdays, starting on …

Critical Theory and Political Epistemology

The rise of untruth in politics has mostly been met by a stout defense of a robust notion of truth and an equally robust notion of the sciences. Yet all too often, this answer sacrifices the results of critically examinations of actual practices in …

Ein neuer Sammelband zu Michel Foucaults Vorlesungen am Collège de France

Von den Theorien und Institutionen des Strafens über die psychiatrische Macht bis zum modernen Staatsrassismus und der (neo)liberalen Gouvernementalität, von den Selbstbildungspraktiken der griechischen Antike über die Notwendigkeit des freimütigen …

Interview with Jan Groos of Future Histories

Jan Groos has a podcast “for expanding our ideas of te future,” appropriately named Future Histories. In the last episode, I was invited to speak about my project alternative governmentalities. However, I would also recommand listening to all the …

“Democracy and Truth”, 13-15 March in Bremen

The progam for the conference of the DVPW-Section Political Theory and History of Ideas has arrived!

Interview on Politics and Truth

The journal diskurs just published an interview with me by Clelia Minnetian and Janosik Herder. It is mostly about the relationship between politics and truth and what that means for post-structuralist social sciences.

Video of my talk “Fighting with Untruth. The Actuality of a Critique of Reason” [in German]

If you have missed my talk or want to see it again, there is now a video. There are further existing talks in the lecture series “Frankfurter Positionen 2018/19” which you can finde on the poster.

CfP: Democracy and Truth

Martin Nonhoff and I are organising the spring conferecne of the DVPW-Section Political Theory and History of Ideas in March 2019. The conference topic (and title) is “Democracy and Truth”. You can find the call for papers by clicking on “Read more” …

Vom Nutzen und Nachteil der Moralphilosophie in der Politischen Theorie

In Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 1 November 2017, Julian Culp reviewed the special issue of the journal Mittelweg 36 that Martin Nonhoff and I edited: Politische Theorie in der Krise. Now our reply has been published in FAZ, 27 Dezember 2017.

The Birth of Austerity

Together with Thomas Biebricher I have put together a rather special edited volume: The Birth of Austerity. German Ordoliberalism and Contemporary Neoliberalism provides key texts from core thinkers of ordoliberalism, some of them translated into …