The Force of Knowledge. A Political Epistemology [in German]

Berlin: Suhrkamp, 2022.


Political epistemology is the name of an ambitious task. In order to aptly conceptualise the internal relationship between truth and knowledge on one side, and politics and society on the other side, political epistemology must reformulate the concepts of epistemology and social and political theory. For the concept of knowledge, this task implies to consider the truth and the force of knowledge equally. Frieder Vogelmann shows in his book the far-reaching consequences of this endeavour: for the contemporary debate about untruth in politics, for the possible forms of social critique, and for the reflection upon philosophy and its history.


Tobias Schädel: Zur Ehrenrettung der Wahrheit Rezension zu Die Wirksamkeit des Wissens. Eine politische Epistemologie von Frieder Vogelmann, Soziopolis, 7. September 2022.