Discipline and Punish Today

In Foucault Studies #23 (2017).

The articles in this special issue of Foucault Studies originate from the conference “Überwachen und Strafen heute”, held in November 2015 at the University of Bremen, Germany. An account of the conference (in German) can be found on the website Soziopolis.

Special Issue on Discipline and Punish Today

Introduction: 40 Years after Discipline and Punish
Jörg Bernardy, Frieder Vogelmann

Imagining Foucault. On the digital subject and “visual citizenship”
Susanne Krasmann

Opening Black Boxes Is Not Enough – Data-based Surveillance In Discipline and Punish And Today
Tobias Matzner

The Inverted Eye. Panopticon and Panopticism, Revisited
Petra Gehring

Disciplining Europe – The Production of Economic Delinquency
Thomas Biebricher

Shame, Guilt, and Punishment
Philipp Wüschner