New Publication: The Force of Knowledge [in German]

“Political Epistemology begins with understanding that epistemology without political philosophy is idealistic whereas political philosophy without epistemolog is dogmatic.”

Today, my revised habilitation thesis has been published by Suhrkamp! In it, I develop a conception of knowledge that is able to grasp the truth and the force of knowledge at the same time. This conception of “effective knowledge” thus fulfils the demands of a political epistemology that intertwines epistemology with social and political philosophy.

“To find your own perspective on philosophical questions means to create your own vocabulary: to bang your head often enough against the limits of language that you may hope the bulge will at least once form on the wall, not on your head.”

Find out more about the book on my webpage under Die Wirksamkeit des Wissens and at Suhrkamp Verlag.