Political Falsehoods: Diagnoses and Concepts [mostly in German] [Update]

Untruth in politcs are on the rise. This at least is the common thesis of many contemporary diagnoses that describe our present as a post-truth era, as marked by the return of ideology, by the fast career of conspiracy theories or by a new culture of blantant lies. In six talks we will discuss these diagnoses, the underlying phenomene, and especially the concepts that we have to grasp the different forms of untruth in politics. What concepts help us to distinguish the effects of different forms of political falsehoods? What is new in “our” ways of doing politics with untruth? And how should we deal with them?


Except otherwise noted, the talks take place from 18:15–19:45 CEST

2. Juni 2021 Christian Schmidt (HU Berlin): Ideologie und Wahrheit

9. Juni 2021 Javier Burdman (Université de Strasbourg): What to Do with Knowledge? Truth and Science in Contemporary Politics*

16. Juni 2021 Sergej Seitz (Universität Insbruck) & Gerald Posselt (Universität Wien): Post-Truth und Postfaktizität: Anmerkungen zu einer politischen Theorie der Wahrheit (Recording)

23. Juni 2021 20:15-21:45 CEST Carmen Lea Dege (Van Leer Jerusalem Institute): To Deny, Downplay, or Disinform about COVID-19: Studying the Workings and Breakdowns of the Fact-Value Dichotomy*

7. Juli 2021 Nicola Gess (Universität Basel): Halbwahrheiten. Zur Manipulation von Wirklichkeit

14. Juli 2021 Eva Marlene Hausteiner (Universität Bonn): Verschwörungstheorie, Verschwörungsmythos, Verschwörungsideologie? Für eine präzisere Analytik der Desinformation

(* = in English)

To register, please visit https://t1p.de/falschheiten so that you can gain access to the talks.

The poster can be downloaded as a PDF file.

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