Critical Theories in the Pandemic: A Glossary – (no) Finissage [plus podcast!]

Our first fundraiser in March, connected to the series of YouTube-talks presented by the Frankfurter Arbeitskreis – the “Corona Glossary” – amassed sensational 13.200 Euros which we have already given to Medico Nothilfe and Project Shelter.

After the mishap with our livestream then, but most of all because of an unexpected and overwhelming interest in the contributions and a longing for public debate, we undertake a second attempt and will discuss how critical theories can contribute to the multiple current crises in a second live-event:

Under the Heading Critical Theories in the Pandemic: A Glossary – (no) Finissage we will host a live-discussion on the YouTube Channel of the Frankfurter Arbeitskreises on Sunday, 3rd May 2020, starting 17:00h (GMT +2) .


Katharina Hoppe
Daniel Loick
Francesca Raimondi
Frieder Vogelmann

Chat Moderator:

Eva von Redecker

We still hope to better understand our current crises through re-working the concept we use to articulate them: How to do critical theory in a pandemic? We cannot present a stable analysis of an unfolding disaster, and yet we cannot remain silent either, given how covid-19 interacts with multiple existing crises and aggravates them. One such catastrophic dimension is the situation on the Greek islands at the European border, where overcrowded refugee camps are threatened by aggressive border police and fascist gangs, as well as the outbreak of the virus.

The Corona-Glossar contains the following contributions so far, which we will discuss on Sunday:

Architektur (Ludger Schwarte)
Ausnahmezustand (Jonas Heller)
Black Feminism (Vanessa Thompson)
Care (Mike Laufenberg)
Commons (Luki Sarah Schmitz)
Confinement (Zeynep Gambetti)
Digitalisierung (Uta Kalender und Aljoscha Weskott)
Familie (Marina Martinez Mateo)
Grenzen (Robin Celikates)
Immunisierung (Andreas Folkers)
Individual (Adriana Zaharijević)

Kapitalismus (Alex Demirović)
Love (Federica Gregoratto)
Natur (Katharina Hoppe)
Ökonomie (Thomas Biebricher)
Propaganda (Frieder Vogelmann)
Psyche (Judith-Frederike Popp)
Revolution (Eva von Redecker)

Sicherheit (Daniel Loick)
Staat (Gundula Ludwig)
Struggles (Sandro Mezzadra)
Vulnerability (Estelle Ferrarese)

(*in English)

All talks are now also available as podcast!

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday and would welcome any contribution you can make to support the following organizations:

Medico International
Project Shelter
Medical Volunteers International
Stand by me Lesvos
No Border Kitchen

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